We came to Longhoughton over a decade ago, and have provided excellent accommodation ever since.
Our many returning guests, now friends, tell us that we are the best B&B they have stayed in, and that our St Aidan room is better than ‘many’ hotels they have used.  It’s a bit of a reputation to live up to!  Excellent beds, (several guests asked for details, to buy one ‘just like it,’  but then, what we do is in the name – Bed (got that one) and Breakfast.
Breakfasts freshly made with quality local ingredients.  Fresh fruit, Yoghurt and muesli? – always available.  Followed up with something like a Victorian Breakfast to build an empire on? – Bacon, egg, sausage, home made maramlades, jellies and jams? – just let us know what time, and it would be ready for you.

A touch old-fashioned – No on-line booking, as we much prefer to talk to folk in advance.  We never chased about placing reviews on Trip Advisor, though if you wish to see what others have said please go here and take a look.  As we don’t use their booking service, they try and hide us from their searches.

After thousands of guests, all of whom brought us pleasure, most by arriving, some by leaving, it’s time to shut up shop.  Thank you to so many guests – you know who you are.

When October arrives, We  are no longer a B&B.

Thank you for staying with us, (if you have)
Christine & Richard

If you would like to email us with your enquiry – or anything else, come to that, just use the form here